Sunday, May 30, 2010

Q & A: So you got accepted...into many schools. What now?

I came across this question on a forum, I though I'd post it here. You might be in the same situation as this poster:

QI am a bit confused in the matter of selecting the college and group. So I have I-20 from ..... for computer science, and from ...... for ee course , from .... computer science . Basically i am a student from electrical and electronics engineering.
So which one i should i choose for a good future . Which places are ideal for the education ,funding , ga's . Which university is good for research ?
I also need some part time jobs to do. So wt should i do ?
please suggest me.

A.  Here's what I would advice anyone in this situation, or a similar one:

If your parents have enough money to fully fund your education, then no worries. Choose the most prestigious school.

If you're like many international students, you'll need a part-time job to support yourself. In this case, I'll say forget about prestige - think of cost and size.

Do google search of the 3 possible universities. Look at the size of the city your schools are located in. Big cities will almost always have more expensive living costs. It's easier to get by in a smaller city. 

It is possible to have a part-time job on campus. Some people say it's virtually impossible. Well, that depends on your location and probably the size of your school. 

I have noticed that it is easier to find jobs in smaller universities as opposed to bigger schools.

I am almost 100% sure of this. I jumped to that conclusion after comparing myself to my friends in bigger schools. My school is a small university, and every international student who wants to work during the academic year (summer school excluded) has a job. More than one job in many cases. It's summer right now, I have 3 jobs - this isn't the case with all my friends though.

Go to the smallest school if your aim is to support yourself. You can go to a more prestigious school for your graduate program, with a scholarship.

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  1. Wannabehomesick, if it's possible, can I have your email address? My situation is somewhat peculiar. I've posted on another one of your notes. I plan on transferring from another country if things work out fine and since you did that too, I think you'd be able to really help me out.

  2. Hi, my email address is, it's on the middle right of the page :D