Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sponsorship Issues

I also came across this question on an international student forum. I assume many people experience what this poster is facing.

This poster is applying for Fall 2010 admission:
1) I have to send the financial affidavit form to the institute to issue my I-20. In that form I need to mention the source of the fund for my study. I am still not sure whom I would take money in my relative/friend. I may take it from my uncle or cousin. So suppose I mention the name of my uncle in the affidavit form now, but later due to some issues, I got sponsorship from my cousin at the time of going for visa stamping, not from my uncle. Since I-20 will mention that fund is coming from uncle, so would visa officer object that why have I changed the sponsor and showing my cousin as sponsor now? Will it create any problem?

2) My uncle is a US citizen and my cousin is also in US but on h1b visa for very long time. So taking sponsorship from any of these people will adversely affect the possibility to get visa stamped? Someone told me if you get sponsorship from US resident, then consulate officer will think u may live in US even after completing your study. UNFORTUNATELY I do not have anybody in my home country who can sponsor me.

3) Since this is a one year full-time ; 9 credit/semester; course so does US govt. gives visa for such courses or it must be at least 2 years course? Of course I want to work in US after completing my study. So would US govt deny my visa thinking this guy wants to work here that's why he is taking the shortest course to finish up fats?

Your situation might not be exactly the same as is, but I know there's usually a lot of confusion regarding sponsorship, the affidavit of support, declaration of finance,  etc.

Here's what I told this poster:

It is never advisable switching sponsors - even if you're not sure, stick to one.

This is what I would do if I were you - write one of them as your sponsor even if you're not sure.

For example, write your cousin as sponsor, even if you're not sure he can. If it turns out that he cant, then your uncle can transfer some money into your cousins account - that way it looks like your cousin had the money all along. You could get money from thousands of people, but it has to look like it's only coming from one person - which means all the people contributing put the money in one person's account. Hope I'm making sense. 

Also, a very important tip for the visa interview: You're always advised to say that you're returning to your home country to work. In some countries, you actually need to convince the embassy official, that you're coming back to your country to work and not staying in the U.S. In most cases, this is a lie but who cares - you've to do what you've got to do.

Do not let other posters confuse you. YOU ARE RIGHT - you're doing a graduate program, hence you only need 9 credits to be full time.

My Indian friend got a visa for her 1 year graduate program, same goes for many other graduate students, I know so I'm pretty sure you can be given a visa for a year.

Hugs & Kisses,

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