Saturday, May 29, 2010

Study in the USA, Step 2: Register for the TOEFL Test

In the previous step, I showed you how I applied for university. I got 30 schools after I searched on for the cheapest schools possible for an Economics major.

I'm guessing you'll go to those school's website, and read the application requirements, required documents, etc.

Now, all these steps I recommend are not compulsory. This is just how my brother and I did it. You don't have to do it exactly like ours, I am only suggesting.

Step 2: Register for the TOEFL Test.

You may be writing the TOEFL and/or SAT test (Step 3)

How to register for the TOEFL Test

To register for the TOEFL Test:
You will need:

- 4 schools you've applied to
- A credit card

If English isn't your native language, and you're not a transfer student. You'll need to write the TOEFL test. Some schools require transfer students to write the TOEFL Test. You have to have applied to 4 universities (at most/at least - depends on you) before you register for this test (see Step 1). This is because you will need to send your score

a) Go to the TOEFL website

b) On the home page, click Register for the Test.

I am registering from Botswana, Africa. I select that. 

The page starts to load.

Is it just me or this page loads quite slowly. Maybe, it's my computer - been on for a while (not very energy efficient) :(

Sorry for so many red arrows.

The dates on your page would obviously look different, cos you're not registering as a student in Botswana on May 30, 2010 :)

The arrows show you the available where to register for the Internet-based Test (iBT) and the Paper-based Test (PBT) and the dates available.
I believe the basic difference between the 2 tests is the the iBT is written on a computer - you have to use a mouse, and  a keyboard to type in your essay. Whereas, you use a pencil and eraser on the PBT.

I wrote the PBT, and that's just a personal preference of mine. I feel that the PBT is a bit more relaxed, I don't have to worry about typing in all my info in. That is just my personal preference, I have nothing against the iBT. I practiced the TOEFL online, and it was good.

c) I clicked Register Online under the Paper-based Test (PBT) header.

This is what the iBT registration page looks like.

PBT: You click Begin Registration
iBT: You click Sign Up

d) Paper-Based Test

You can search by Test Center or Date. 
In Step b, remember we saw available Locations and Test Dates in Botswana. Here's the screen again:

The next available time to write the PBT test in Botswana is Saturday, August 14, 2010. That seems far enough - I'll have enough time to study. So, I'll choose to Search by Date


Click Reserve a Seat. 


Don't forget to click International address under Postal Address Location. 

g) In the next page, verify your info. If you need to make any changes, click Modify Test Information or Modify Background Information (whichever the case may be).

h) Then click Proceed To Payment

On your test date, please go with a copy of the 4 digit TOEFL code of the schools you'll like your TOEFL results to be sent to. You will fill in this information when you write your test.


In Step C, I was about to create a profile for the iBT.

You should see this page.

Fill that out and click Continue


In the question What is your level of study? Select if you're coming into the U.S. for an ESL program, undergrad, grad, or pre-degree.

Click Continue


Fill that out and click Continue

g) Confirm that your information is correct. 


Click TOEFL Test


Click I Do Sign and Agree (if you do!!) You don't really have a choice even if you don't ;)


Click the Test center hyperlink

A new page loads - click Continue


I'll like my scores to be mailed to me, so I click that option and click Continue


After adding all your score recipients, click Continue

l) In the next page, I clicked Skip these questions, which took me to the Order Summary page. I clicked Confirm this order. Select your payment method, and that's it!!

That was probably the longest tutorial I've seen. Well then, I'm off to eat. Do your thing!!

Hugs & Kisses