Sunday, May 30, 2010

Study in the USA, Step 3

In Step 1, I showed you how to find, choose & apply to a school. In Step 2, I showed you how to register for the TOEFL Test.

In Step 3, I will show you how to register for the SATs.

Most (almost all) freshman students planning to study in the USA need to take the SATs. 

Some transfer students are an exception to this rule.

That's why you need to have completed Step 1 to do this step. After Step 1, you will know your university codes, their SAT requirements and much much more.

The SAT's are really important. With a high SAT score, you're very likely to get a scholarship. So please, STUDY HARD!!

How to register for the SAT Test

a) Go to

Click Register for the SAT

b) Your page might look different from mine cos I believe it depends on your location. The website can tell from my computer that I'm in the U.S and automatically gives me US Test Dates.

Click Register Now

c) Click Sign Up

d) Fill out the required fields. Click Submit

Enter your password again and click Submit

e) Fill in the required fields in the form

If you entered your High school name, city and country and clicked Search for High school and a dialog box comes up saying there were no results found, click OK. Click Close Window and continue filling the form

Leave Your Expected Graduation Date blank if you already graduated from high school
When you're done, click Continue

f)  Fill in the required fields. You can click more than one option. 

When you're done, click Continue. 

g) Under Select your average grade in each course, I know the grades seem awfully high. I know many countries don't require a 90 for you to get an A, but don't worry about it. It's not important :)

When you're done, click Continue

h)  Fill in any activities you participate in during high school. Feel free to indicate if you didn't do anything. Like I said, it's not important (about 20% important). Dont ask how I got that figure lol 

When you're done, click Continue

Scroll down to the end of the page and click 

Fill that out and click Continue

k) Select your Test Center. Click Select on the Test Center you want

A new page loads, click Continue.

m) Now time to Checkout. You can buy any SAT materials if you wish, pay and review your order.

That's about it. That wasn't difficult was it? Best wishes.

Hugs & Kisses

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