Saturday, May 29, 2010

Study in the U.S.A, Step 1: Finding, choosing and applying to university

I hear this a lot, what do I do? How do I get here? How do I find a school? Well then, read this - I hope I help, or at least ease your confusion. Please comment or email any questions you may have.

Step 1: Finding, choosing, and applying to university

This is arguably the biggest step involved in the process of coming to the U.S.A - I'm sure you know why this step is so important, I won't go there. If you don't, you're not ready to go to the U.S., give it a few more years lol.

Anyways, this is how I and many people I know found our universities.


Let's say I wanted to come to come to the U.S. to major in Economics.

a) Go to

b) Go to Find your match

c) Fill out those questions. This is what mine would look like :)

d) Click Submit and Continue.

The fourth line on that page says "Skip this section to find schools anywhere." I could go to college in any State because I know I won't be there forever, so I skip this page. Then click, submit and continue.

e) Enter your selected major in Browse by keyword and click Go. Scroll down, select your list of possible majors and click Add to List.

Click Submit & Continue

f) I'm looking for the cheapest school possible **wink**, so this is what mine looks like. I left the For International Students part blank for a reason. The goal here is to find as many schools as possible. We're already at a disadvantage here cos we opted for the lowest tuition rate possible.

Now, a lot of people I know choose to click Submit & Continue. But, I don't - like I said earlier, we want to get as many results as possible.

Click See Results

g) Our results page

Those are the 30 cheapest schools in America with a major in Economics. I can assure you that most of these schools will have scholarships. Now you can filter through them using such factors like location, cost, etc. Right click See Profile. Under the See Profile page, you will definitely see a link to the school's website where you can verify costs, and apply if you wish.

Do you see how easy that was?

Best wishes in your search!!

Hugs & Kisses