Friday, June 4, 2010

The College experience

Q: I am going to be a freshman in college this fall, and want to have the time of my life. I want to hear about your best and worst college experience. How dorm life is/was, the dating world, all of the social aspects of it, the educational part. Tell me everything!


Best experience: You get to have loads of fun, meet so many different people.
You are your own boss. No one is going to tell you when to do stuff. You just have to do it at the right time (avoid procrastinating).
I'm not the partying type, but if you are - don't go crazy. There are parties everywhere, random people even invite you for parties which I suggest you don't go for. Go for the ones hosted by people you know& trust.

Worst part: Homework sucks!! There's so much of it. That's why I said you shouldn't procrastinate. If you do, it hits you all at once. You will have to pull all nighters, not fun.
Some people are really narrow - minded and might judge you easily. PLEASE IGNORE THEM.

Don't expect anything fancy esp in your freshman year. If you'll be living in a double room, then prepare your mind for possible roommate issues. You will either like your roommate so much you become besties, or you hate her so much you'd only go to your room to sleep (I'm not joking). There's obviously somewhere in between those 2 extremes :)

Always talk to your Residence Advisor (the person in charge of your dorm floor/hall) if you can't handle roommate issues anymore and would like to change. Please be respectful to your RA, do not break hall policies. I'm an RA and freshman girls can be such a pain.

BTW., cafetaria food sucks so enjoy momma's cooking while you can. Fast food would probably become a favorite, please work out!!

Social life: Most schools have lots of clubs and activities. You could also go watch school games. Oh yeah, did I mention loads of cute guys lol, and weird ones too :-/ 

A guiding rule for me: Don't do anything you won't be able to tell mum about.
Stay true to yourself. Don't try to be someone else for anyone - not worth it.
Don't procrastinate.
Get enough sleep, so you don't sleep in class and miss out on important info.
STUDY HARD. Your gpa counts!!

Hugs & Kisses

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