Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coming to the USA to study English

Many international students from countries all over the world come here to study English. Some of these students go back home after completing their English as a Second Language (ESL) program, but many I know stay in the US, and  go on to start college.

In this post, I will talk about three ESL schools that I know. I did not choose these schools randomly, I know people who have attended them and I have seen the progress they have made. Some of them could not speak any English when I first met them. In about 2 months, they could communicate, not perfectly - but good enough for us to understand.

Click on the school name to go to their website(s). I obviously cannot give you the most up-to-date info, cos I'm not a student in either of these schools. I suggest you call them if you're interested.

1. The Language Company, Minot, North Dakota.

I have tons of friends who attend(ed) TLC Minot. I know they had tons of fun, they're kinda like a family in there. They even get free trips to Walmart :)

The building shown is actually not the TLC building, that's a building in Minot State University (MSU). The TLC, Minot is located in Minot State University.

If you attend the TLC Minot, and would like to attend MSU, you will not need to write the TOEFL test. MSU considers the TLC english program as intensive enough for students not to prove their Enlish proficiency by writing the TOEFL.

Housing: Students can live with a host family - this is usually an American family. They will be your new family in the US, you will pay a particular amount every month. Students are also given the option of living in an MSU dorm. 

Contact TLC Minot (contact form)

Telephone: (701) 858-4561
Fax: (701) 858-4563 

2.  New York General Consulting
Located in NYC. . . oooohhhh (I <3 NY)

If you want to have fun while you study English - this is for you!! (Check out their Photo Gallery).

 I have a friend who goes there and I know he's having tons of fun.

Contact NYGC (contact form)

Telephone: 212-268-6262

3. The Language Company, Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA.

A friend of mine attended this school for a year. They also have tons of services provided for free. It is located on the campus of Saint Gregory's


Housing: Dormitory housing is provided, however - you need to be 18 years to be able to live in a dorm.

I assume people under 18 have to live with a host family.

Contact TLC Shawnee(contact form):
Telephone: (405) 273-8229
Fax: (405) 273-8445

The TLC has so many more locations in the U.S.A. Check out other locations here 

Apart from the TLC, there are so many other ESL schools in the U.S. See other ESL schools here and/or here

I really hope I've helped you in your ESL experience.

Please comment, or email any questions you have.

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