Thursday, June 3, 2010

Q & A: Transferring to another university

So, you're fed up with school back home. Or for some reason, you have to come to the USA to school. Or, maybe - you're already in the U.S., and want to move. What do you do? I have steps to make the transfer process relatively easier.

I'm a 4th year college student and not yet finished still one more year to go. due to some reason i want to go to the USA and study my university level.
So what i really want to know is how can i get an admission to a university in the USA if i didn't take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.
I mean how can the 4 years i studied in my college help me.i just want to get admission from the universities with out asking the TOEFL or IELTS

You can definitely transfer.

The procedures for you to transfer to the U.S. are definitely different from that of a freshman.

The first step is finding a school that has your major.
How to find a school/major. To be on the safe side, you should apply to more than one school in case you get rejected by any one.

The next step is
RESEARCH. So, you've found a school that has your major. You have to research the courses they offer. Two schools can offer the same major, but have very different classes. Looking at the classes your potential school offers will give you an idea of what classes will transfer. If a school offers classes in your major that looks similar to classes in your school, then your credits will probably transfer. By looking, I don't mean looking at the name. I mean studying the course description, course requirements, etc.

You've found a school, you've done your research and this school compares well. What you have to do next is think of MONEY. Do you have enough money to fund your education. If you did really well in your previous
years in college, you could get a scholarship. But this scholarship won't cover everything. You will still need to prove that you have money to pay for your first year in college cos a scholarship can be taken away
from you at anytime if a school loses its funding.

About the TOEFL, many schools are lenient about that. If you studied in English in your previous years in college, then you shouldn't need it. But, again - it depends on the school.

You've found a school or schools, done your research, you have enough money...the next step is to apply!!

Now, when you get into school - all your classes might not transfer immediately. You have to fight for what's yours. Look at your college brochure, if any class didn't transfer and it looks similar to a class
that you took back home - go meet the professor of that class. Explain your situation to him, they would likely cross that class off your college to-do list. You have to go to your professors with proof that
you actually did this course and that it is similar.

Which means that before you leave your home country and come to the US, you have to come with all your documents - transcripts, course descriptions/outline/curriculum (whatever you call it in your
school). Also, come with some reference letters in case you need to apply for a job and you don't know anyone in your current school that can write you one.

Also, if some credits don't transfer - don't get worried. You can always take summer classes so you don't have to spend extra time in school.

I hope I've helped. Best wishes!!
Hugs & Kisses


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