Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going to a college fair?

A lot of students are not really sure what to bring along, what to do, etc.

Here are some tips for you:

Before the fair:
  • Find out about the colleges at the fair. Visit their website, it's a always a good idea to know what a college is about before heading to a fair!!
  • Prepare questions that you would like to ask college reps! You could ask about majors, campus jobs, 
  • Have an idea about the type of college you'd like to attend.
  • Talk to your high school counselor about colleges you're considering and about the upcoming fair. 
What to bring:
  • A pen and notebook to take notes - you won't remember everything that's said. 
  • A bag/backpack to carry the numerous college brochures that you will get.
  • Don't forget the question(s) you prepared earlier
  • Not a bad idea to bring your high school resume along with you. It makes you look good **wink**
  • Water - you will be walking around. You may get tired :)
What not to bring:
  • Application forms or letters of recommendation
  • Gifts for college reps

At the fair:
  • Check out the floor plan - This will show you where all the colleges are located. Start with your top college(s) first.
  • Stay focused: You'd probably see some people you know at the fair, say hi and move on. You're not there to hang out :D
  • Pass out your resume
  • Get business cards - You may want to contact them afterwards.
  • If information sessions are offered, attend them!!
  • After you've been to a college information booth, take a few minutes to jot down what you heard.
After the fair:
  • Review all the information you got 
  • Learn more about the colleges that you really are interested in.
  • Plan a visit
Best wishes!!

Hugs & Kisses

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