Thursday, August 12, 2010

Employment for 1st year international students

A lot of potential students believe that you can make a ton of money from working part-time in school. I know I did. Well, you cant.

As an international student, you are not allowed to do work study programs, what we do is called hard cash (it actually goes to your bank account lol). Well, in my school that's what it's called. 

Yes, u can work on-campus in your first year (20 hrs/week). After your first year, you can work outta school (jobs related to your major, approved by your school). 

Many campus jobs will pay minimum wage which isn't a lot. So, let's assume (somewhat incorrectly) that your page will be in the range of $6-$10 (this will be taxed), multiplied by 20 hours, multiplied by about 16 weeks. Do the math, that isn't a lot of money. Well, enough to live by as a student, but not enough to pay your tuition.

During breaks (summer, winter, etc), you can work 40 hours or more. That still doesn't come to much, cos from my experience, your living expenses obviously increases during this period.

So, before coming to the US, have a stable financial backing. It really sucks seeing international students having to quit school because they couldn't pay for college.

All, I've talked about are legal. A couple of students break the law, which I don't condone. 

Best wishes!!

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