Saturday, August 21, 2010

Socializing in college

How to meet new people, make friends, avoid loneliness and boredom.

If  you live in a residence hall, you can always meet tons of new people there. Residence Halls usually have programs, and that's a good way to get to know fellow residents and make friends.

Also be open-minded about meeting new people any/everywhere. They may not fit your description of what a cool person should look or talk like, don't judge, give them a chance. Don't judge a book by its cover so to say. 

Don't be too quiet, your first day in class - feel free to introduce yourself to the person next to you. You can make new friends by doing that.

You can meet new people at school events, class, cafetaria, etc.

Basically - you can meet new people everywhere.

To avoid getting lonely and/or getting bored, don't just go to class and go to your room. Get involved, then engaged in college. Join a club/group, as a freshman - try out many and find out which one you like the most and commit to it. 

If you still can't cope, don't hesitate to speak with your RA. They are trained to deal with stuff like this.
Hope I've helped.

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  1. Most professions require good interpersonal skills... the best way to get out of your cube and develop those skills is college... plus... you don't get to pay cash to some guy to give you tips on how to do so when you can get all the practice you need... for free.