Friday, August 6, 2010

Trying to get last minute plane tickets, not working out!! God help me. I cant wait to get back to blogging irregularly lol. Hey people :D
Hugs & Kisses

PS: This was posted from my cellphone :)
Technology rocks!!


  1. I'm not sure my first comment got posted. If it did, please disregard this one. I've been researching and was wondering if it's easier to transfer to a college with an open curriculum? Assuming all my credits transfer, there would be no extra time spent catching up on gen ed requirements as there won't be any. Or is there more to it?

  2. Hi Fatima. Assuming all your credits transfer, you will still have gen-ed requirements to fulfill unless the school you're transferring from has the same gen-ed requirements as the school you are transferring to.

    I have a friend who only had to take 2 gen-eds in my school cos his former school had similar gen-ed requirements.

    I guess to give you an idea, you can do some research on your potential school's website, and look at their gen-ed courses. If it looks similar to classes you've already taken, then u should have no problem transferring, and probably won't need to spend any additional time in school.

    Hope I've helped.