Monday, September 20, 2010

What do you wear in college?

There are all sorts of people in college. There are people who want to look good, doesn't who don't care and others who fall in between. I think I fall under the category of those who want to look good lol. Well, here are some tips on college fashion.

* Know what's going on. Read magazines, go on fashion blogs, and websites. I'm not saying that you should run out and buy every new trend, but you can use what you already own, and mix it up in a way that's very trendy.

*Sweatshirts are important. Those are for lazy days when you don't feel like looking like you just stepped out of Vogue :) But seriously though, sweatshirts are important. I don't wear them everyday, but I definitely wear them. I won't wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants :( On a lazy day, I'd wear a sweatshirt, mini-skirt, tights, a cute shoe and a cute bag.

* On what to bring with you to college - I guess it depends on where you're going to school. If it's in a city or something equivalent, you don't have to stuff your suitcases, you can always buy stuff when you get to school. If you live in a smaller sized environment, then bring as much as you can. You can always buy stuff online too. A guiding rule - If it can't fit in your room (closet space + storage containers), you have too much!

* Don't be greedy. Get rid of the ones you hardly ever ever ever wear!! By get rid - I mean donate to charity. 

During winter, I love to wear coats, suede boots (walk very slowly), I have trendy caps (which I don't wear a lot), gloves (which I don't wear a lot), some regular jackets. Knit tights, winter dresses, some turtle necks, and some of my regular clothes (tons of layering).

I probably do 85% of my shopping online. I get some stuff at Target, tons of cute stuff at Forever 21, Vanity, Sheikh shoes, more expensive stuff from Karmaloop, etc. Ebay rocks...really. You can buy the cutest clothes from all around the world.To sum it up - I shop everywhere (that isn't too expensive for my budget). 

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