Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cheapest flight to the USA

So, you've done everything. You're probably wondering, how do I get in here really cheap..

Well, the cost of your flights depends on many things.

The cheapest flight will depend on your departure and destination cities.

Your final destination will play a huge role in the price. For example flying into JFK will be sometimes $300-500 cheaper then flying into a nearby airport in NY. Flying into DC can be $400 cheaper then Baltimore which is less then 30 miles away.

You could also look into AMTRAC. You could fly into a major city, then take a train to your final destination. I'd say that you should only consider taking a train if you have a lot of time. Trains often run into delays, and you may be stuck in a place for even up to 3 days. 

Good luck.

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