Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Health Insurance Dilemma

I am in desperately need of someone to talk to and help me come out of this mess. I recently had to see an emergency doctor for a medical problem, i was fortunate to have the international student insurance coverage but not fortunate enough because now i know that my treatment has incurred a huge medical bill($2800) which
is not covered under the policy, they say. It is evident that we are not allowed to work and I don't have any money to pay the bill. I wish I had known upfront that the services I was provided would cost me this much, I would surely have backed out that moment because I know it would be beyond my ability to pay. 

Firstly, try not to panic. It isn't the end of the world.

Contact the International Student Advisor and find out what your health insurance plan covers. If she isn't willing to help, or just doesn't care, then call your health insurance provider.

Calmly ask them to explain why your bill cannot be covered by them. After they've explained, then call the hospital. There should be a number provided on the bill. Again, calmly explain your situation to them and ask for their advice. They should be able to reduce your bill, or set up a payment plan.

Even if they are not willing to do this at first, be persistent. Don't be rude, but insist on a payment plan just cos you have no money to pay. A friend of mine did this, and she was allowed to pay $20/month.

It's kinda weird. I have a friend who was rushed to the ER for alcohol poisoning, my school's health insurance covered it. But, I know that for people with no health insurance, ER costs are ridiculous. You also have to pay for the ambulance, if they are ever called :( American health care urrrrgh! I truly sympathize with everyone in this situation. 

Hugs & Kisses,


  1. Group health insurance policies are always beneficial and the premiums for health insurance quotations are lowest when opted for a group health insurance policy, since it’s important to cover the health first.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    As international students, specifically F-1 visa students, we are almost always provided with a health insurance package.

    In my school for instance, all international students are under the same health insurance company. So, I don't think the group health insurance scenario comes into play here.

    But, you may correct me if I'm misinterpreting your comment.