Friday, April 22, 2011

Q & A: US Sponsor is not a relative

Hi, I am planning to study in the US and applying for F1 visa. I have half of the funds for the first year of my own savings, the other part will be covered by a sponsor who is an US citizen and who is not a relative.
I am applying for funds from my country as well, but will not have them before this summer.
The sponsor is needed because the school wants me to show funds for the entire year (even though some will come in later and then I am hoping to be able to pay everything myself)

So my question is whether it is OK to have a sponsor that is not a relative and is an US citizen living in the US and I am going to rent a room from him as well.

Is it gonna be difficult for me to get the visa?
What do they ask about concerning the sponsor?

Did any of you have an US sponsor and got the visa?

Please help.
Thank you

Yes, it is ok to have a US based sponsor. I've read that this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most applicants.

Have your sponsor write a letter with compelling reasons why he has decided to sponsor you.  A Consular Officer will naturally think it's shady if your 2nd uncle's son decided to sponsor our education with no reasons. You need to have very very very compelling reasons.

Questions: They'll prob ask you "Why is this person sponsoring you?", "How many kids does he have", "What does he do", "Wll you repay him back", etc.

However, yes I do know of people who were granted visas with a US based sponsor, but they were all relatives. Just make sure your sponsor makes a compelling case.

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