Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who did their taxes? A couple of free resources to help you out!!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the sporadic blogging......sporadic is probably too good a term to use!!

Anyways, it's that time in school that's crazy busy. About a month to go, and it's just like "isn't this over yet?" I can't wait for summer break!!!!

Well, I finally submitted my taxes - about a week after it was prepared. Talk about procrastination.

I efiled the federal tax, and mailed the state tax documents.

I prepared the federal tax on and efiled it there as well - FREE. I recommend this to all international students, as their website is really easy. However, it wasn't free to file the state taxes, $14.95 or so for my state. So my friend helped me prepare the state taxes.

To my surprise, when I went to the tax website of my state, they had a couple of links where you could prepare the federal and state taxes for free. I wish I knew beforehand then I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of getting someone do it for me.

The point of this story:
I know taxes are super confusing and annoying, but there are quite a number of free resources to help you with your taxes. Just do your research!!

Best wishes,

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