Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it harder to get a visa if I plan on going to community college?

I have seen conflicting comments on the internet. Confusion is whether going for a F1 Visa with admission in a community college automatically makes it difficult to get visa or... it doe snot matter.

Please help me understand. Since community colleges are far lower in tuition, intent is to save money for the first two years of education.


Since you are so unsure, then does it make sense to base your decision on the rumors you've heard? Question the source of your information and do independent research.

Investigate the actual schools that you are considering. Do not apply to lousy community colleges. If the community college you plan to go to is recognized and accredited, and has a good program in your intended field of study, then I don't see any reasons why the Consular Officer would deny you an F-1 visa just because you are applying to a community college.  

Also, how good are your qualifications for a student visa? Got the grades? Did you or can you pass entrance exams, if required? Got the financing for your education?

Even if you have to pay "non-resident" tuition, it will be less expensive at a Community College.

Just make sure that the Consular Officer is aware that this is a Community College and you still plan to go to a regular school after 2 years, I don't think this should be a problem.

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