Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last day on earth with nothing to do: A day in Chicago with $20

Earlier this week, I was in Chicago and had an amazing time.

Supposedly, today is judgement day which means it would our last day on earth and there will be no tomorrow lol

Chicago definitely is a beautiful city and if you're considering a visit there, a great place to start is the Enjoy Illinois website. 

I'll give you a rundown of what I did in 9hours at Chicago bringing my total cost to roughly about $20.

I started off at Millennium Park. There is usually something going on at the park, and that day happened to be the inauguration of the Mayor-elect of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. I felt so honored to be part of something so historic where there was a huge celebration of diversity featuring great artists and VP Joe Biden was in attendance too.

Chicago City Council Members. Chicago Children's Choir in the background

The Lurie Garden is located at the Southern end of Millennium Park. Cloud Gate also known as "The Bean" is located in Millennium Park. 

After spending about 3 hours in Millennium Park, I walked around Michigan Avenue which is a huge shopping hub, and turned around and went to the Harold Washington Library - Chicago's Public Library. That library is huge and there is a ton of stuff to do there.

On my way back from the library, I stopped at the Chicago Architecture Foundation which is a totally cool place. It is a store, although they also give tours of the city. 

I then headed back to Michigan Avenue for some sight seeing and window shopping which probably lasted an hour. There is a wonderful painter on Michigan Avenue, opposite Millennium Park who does portraits as well, and I had my portrait done.

After doing all that, I ended the day at the famous Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) which certainly did not disappoint! This cost $17 but was totally worth it. A cup of hot chocolate at the Tower cost about $2.50, were my only expenses the whole day.

I did not have any coins, but if I did I definitely would have gone to the Lincoln Park zoo and Navy Pier which are a couple of minutes from Downtown Chicago by bus.

That about sums up how I spent a day in Chicago.

What I really love about Chi-town is the character of the city and its people. I met all sorts of people walking down the street alone which is something I was really scared off as I hate traveling alone. However, traveling alone proved to be more fun as I was able to have more "encounters" with people as opposed to if I traveled in a group which was what my brother did about a month earlier.

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