Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My travel tips

I am in no way a travel expert (what is that anyways?) however I would love to share some tips that work for me and things I've learnt as the years have gone by that have ensured that I usually have a hassle-free travel experience.

Tip #1: Arrive early!! Oh my gosh, this is a huge one! My mum is sooo organized and is always on time, and I am usually the one who takes her time going to the airport, "who cares, the plane doesn't leave til ... "

Trust me, there are many reasons why you should get to the airport on time as you already know. 

Tip #2: Put all necessary documents in a convenient location. I usually put them in a ziploc bag in my handbag as I constantly have to reach out for my documents when I'm traveling.

Tip #3: Stay with your luggage at all times. No, not to prevent theft but to avoid a terrorist alert. I walked a couple of feet away from my luggage to speak with the airline agent and some workers at the airport spotted my bag and were a couple of seconds from calling the cops. Actually, they already called the cops but hadn't reported the incident yet.

Tip #4: Ladies, don't wear pants, or wear tight pants that don't require a belt. It's such a pain having to take off your belt at the security check-in point. 

Tip #5: Before and during your trip, watch what you eat and drink, very important! 

Speaking of that, don't forget to bring some food along with you

Tip $6: Weigh your luggage before getting to the aiprport. A simple way to do it is using a regular home scale. Step on the scale and record your weight. Then grab your luggage and step on the scale and record your new weight. Subtract your suitcase weight - your regular weight = weight of your luggage.

The first time I heard about this, I wasn't totally convinced, until I tried it myself and confirmed the weight of my suitcase when I got to the airport!

Tip #7: Bring dollar bills

Tip #8: Bring a book, or something to keep you company

More to come!

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