Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where does the money come from? Financial aid for international students! UPDATED

I know, education in the USA is soooo freakin' expensive. Don't quote me on this as this is not verified, but apparently, the average cost of education in the USA in a year comes to around $42,000.

That's a whole bunch of money, and if you don't have that stacked up somewhere, here are some resources to help you out.

The 2nd link is very helpful, and will give you an idea of where to apply to. It will obviously be very competitive, and you have to be top of the lot to get a good amount of $$$ from them.

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I just discovered a wonderful opportunity, the Zawadi Africa Education Fund. According to their website, "The Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a program designed to provide scholarships to academically gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds from Africa to pursue higher education in the US."

Rotary International also has good scholarship opportunities.

Education USA Websites for Undergraduate Funding 

Sounds promising, check it out! Good luck!


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