Friday, May 20, 2011

Wonderful flying experience: ALASKA Airlines

This was my best flying experience ever!! Alaska Airlines flight from Chicago to Seattle to Victoria, BC.

I've had quite a couple of nightmare flights so I wasn't looking forward to anything pleasant this time around, however to my pleasant surprise Alaska Airlines proved to be a joy starting from their counter at O'hare Intl Airport.

First off, I didn't have to pay for my checked bags which was $25, $5 cheaper than United Airlines which is what I usually fly. I had 2 bags to check in, the wonderful airline rep saved me $40. God bless her and may all her kids enjoy discounts all their lives lol

Secondly, I loved the boarding pass. I didn't have to get a boarding pass in Seattle or have 2 separate boarding passes. All the info I needed was provided on a single boarding pass which I used in Chicago and in Seattle, how cool is that?!!

The flying (in plane) experience with Alaska Airlines was amazing as well. Not only did we land on the runway very comfortably, we also arrived a couple of minutes early which was very convenient for me as I had only about 30minutes before my next flight. You know sometimes when you're landing on the runway, and it's so shaky and terrifying - well, this did not happen.

All in all, thank you Alaska Airlines for such a wonderful flying experience. I urge you to choose Alaska whenever you have a choice!

Warning: This was not a paid advertisement lol

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