Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arriving in the USA for the first time?!

Here's some advice for you. This helped me a lot

Keep your documents handy

Smile. Don't get aggressive. Answer all questions truthfully.

Keep the sealed envelope that was given to you very well.It will be collected at the US port of entry.You are still subject to interview and filling of forms at your
entry point.Dress smart and give smart answers.You do not need to carry your X-ray result with you when travelling as stated in your green visa pick-up letter.USCIS officer at your port of entry will not ask for it.But if you don't mind the extra load, you can take it with you.

Wear comfortable clothes, but don't dress shabby.

Yes you got your visa after being interviewd, but you're still subject to more interviews at your port of entry (airport).

When I got to my port of entry which was Georgia Intl Airport. They take you through many things - finger prints, signing your I-20, etc. It so happened that my finger prints didn't match.


I guess I almost did, but I was with my bro - so that made it easier. I had to go to the Dept of Homeland Security office (I think that's what it was lol) in the airport. I kinda had a 2nd visa interview. It was nothing major, the man asked me a few questions to verify that it was really me. 

He later told me that after you've been flying for a while, touching different things - your finger prints could get slightly smeared and may not be exactly recognizable by the machine, or something like that :)

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