Friday, June 24, 2011

Going to college all alone...worried, scared? it'll be ok.

Q: So all the friends you thought you'd go to college with aren't going with you....what do you do?

A: Trust me, I know the feeling. I transferred after 1.5 years to a new college in a new country. I knew absolutely no one!! 
I guess the hardest thing for me in the beginning about attending a new school was that there was no one to say hi to. Do you know what I mean, when you're in familiar territory, you walk down the road and you say "Hey", "Hi, how are you doing" blah blah. But there was none of that.

So, what do you do to ease the loneliness? What do you do to avoid being depressed and suicidal?

First of all, it's ok to feel lonely and depressed .... in the beginning. Don't let the feeling last. You have to move on with your life. I've seen a couple of cases in school where people get stuck in the past, "I miss my family so much, blah blah blah" even after 3 months. It's okay to miss your family and friends back home, but that shouldn't be all you think about. Focus on getting a life in this new place you find yourself in.

Read my post Socializing in college for some pointers. 

To sum this up:
Be friendly, smile, talk to people - step out of your box. Make friends in your dorm. Leave your door open sometimes and talk to people as they walk by the hallway not in a creepy way of course. 

Join organizations/clubs on campus. If you're an international student, attend the International Student Organization meetings.

Good luck!

Hugs & Kisses,

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