Friday, June 3, 2011

When to apply to us for college

Want to study in the USA and maybe confused about when you should apply to get into college when you plan to? 

The first step I'd advise is doing your research into various schools and making a shortlist into the schools that fit your criteria.

After doing this, go on their website and look at the prospective students page. Probably every school out there has a sort of timeline (application deadline, when they want to receive your documents, etc). Not every school will have the same timeline and take that into consideration as you plan when to write various exams such as the SATs, TOEFL, etc.

That should give you an idea when to start the application process. You don't want to wait last minute, and have to pay extra costs sending your documents by overnight mail, etc when you could have done it months ago. Plan ahead keeping the application deadline of the various schools you will apply to in mind. 

On the average, I believe it is safe to say that if you want to start school in the Fall (August/September), it would be wise to start applying in October/November, most schools still accept students till January and even February, on an average.

In the Spring, their is less intake of students, but if this is the route you would like to go then I suggest starting your application process around June/July as the application deadline for most schools will be around October/November. 

Good luck!

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