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    1. i got a 1180 on my gre quants 620 and verbal 560 !!can i get into university of cicncinnati???

    2. I advise going to their website and do some research into the average scores of students admitted into their university. If your scores are higher, I'd say you stand a good chance. If your scores are on par or lower, you may still stand a chance, you never know.

      Best wishes, and feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

    3. Hi. So I'm thinking about joining community college in the United States but lots of people here in Pakistan have said that there are hardly any visas given if you're going to community college. Is it because of the bias against Pakistani nationals? I'm extremely confused. Thanks a lot.

    4. i will just give sat in june i will start my college in india by june but i want 2 study in usa which architectural or engineering college except transfer admission is it possible